Thursday, February 18, 2010

Eyes Everywhere!!!!

A continuous project for the semester revolving around eyes :) 

Better Late Than Never.

Rough sketches for road signs for Far Far Away Land :)
Oh no! A disappearing bridge! 

Poison apples yumm... Haha.
Only 5 miles left to Rapunzel's!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Old work...

Some of my really old stuff from community college plus one recent one from last semester.

collage inspired by the message inside a fortune cookie.

first water color study. Self portrait.

Scribble drawing :)

30"x40" acrylic self portrait.

Copy of a Mucha lithograph ^.^

Thursday, January 28, 2010

First day of digital Illustration class

So today is the first day of my class. I'm pretty excited to be doing work beside the stuff I do for fun at home. The school's art site it pretty cool and inspiring. Its gonna be a fun semester. ^.^

Friday, April 24, 2009

its been a long while...

*if you haven't seen the trailer for Where the Wild Things Are... go do it now :)*
Alright so I've been dying to write another post but I haven't had much time and that has left me with a lot to update on.  

First, on the 17th I had work but then Grayson, Albert, and Jim surprised me and took me out to eat to celebrate my birthday. Then they surprised me again because they had actually gotten me a present and I had totally not expected it. It ended up being a DS and the pokemon platinum game. Its weird because I had actually been thinking about getting one but hadn't told anyone. :) It was a good night especially because I got to see Albert. :)

Then on the 18th my family celebrated my 23rd birthday. It was really fun and we all had a great time eating great food and playing silly games like pin the tail on the donkey. The whole time I was wearing this bright colored feather boa my youngest sister got me and I was leaving feathers everywhere I went. I got a lot of great gifts, but I totally felt like a nerd because most of them were books... hahaha :) Oh I also got to watch my little cousin do the long jump in a track and field competition in the morning and he ended up getting a medal for third place!

On the 19th I started and finished French Milk, its one of the books I got as a gift. And man oh man, it made me want to start my own comic-ish journal. Not only that but it made me want to learn french and go to France. hahaha... Oh and I forgot one of the most exciting parts of the day, to my surprise AG updated WA. Ch. 48 was the reunion chapter and I had been waiting for it with actually quite a bit of patients. To say the least it did not disappoint . :) 

The 20th I had work again but as soon as my shift was over I bought a Coldplay cd and the game Rhythm Heaven for my new DS. Oh and then I went to Barns & Noble and bought a small sketchbook and a three pack of small blank page journals. I couldn't wait to start my comic-ish journal I even had a name picked out for it already. :) Too bad I've kinda failed at making a habit of drawing/writing in it but I'l catch up soon enough. :P

On the 22nd I went out to breakfast with Jolene we went to this place in the Orange Circle, I think it was called the Blue Frog or something like that. Anyways it was a lot of fun hanging out with her and we actually spent quite a while just sitting around and talking about work and our classes. She even told me about this YA novel she is writing and I was seriously sucked in even though she just gave me the quick run through of what she had written so far I really wish it was a published book so I could get it and read it.  She really has talent! :)

Then on the 23rd I woke up and was definitely not feeling good but I toughed it out and went to my morning class anyways. That turned out to be not a good idea especially because I had to take the bus home and it was entirely too cold for me to be walking outside. I was not up to sitting in a class drawing for four hours so I didn't go to my night class hoping to be better by the next day.

So I wake up the next day, the 24th, and I was actually feeling better but at around 1ish Jolene texted me saying she wasn't feeling to good and that she might not be able to go out that night like we had planned. Turns out after she woke up from a nap she was feeling worse so we didn't go out. It was okay though because I wasn't completely better yet so it was probably for the best that I stay home. I also got a great consolation prize... AG updated her live journal with ch. 2 from Of Gemini & Gypsies and man oh man it was great but it kinda ended in a cliff hanger type of way which really made me wish that I didn't have to wait for the next chapter :( Oh well :)

Sat the 25th. I got up super early took a shower and walked my aunts dogs like I had been doing for pretty much the whole week, which was probably why I was still a little sick. Then I got back to the house and finished getting really to go help out at a one day retreat that one of my aunts had put together. It was really a pretty fun thing especially because I was helping out by watching over a big group of kids. They were all pretty well behaved and really enjoyed playing whatever games we came up with. Overall a really good day. :)

Sun the 26th got up early again did my routine including the dog walking and then went to 10 o'clock mass. Then at 1 I had this meeting at St. Peter Chanel Church. They have a special group that gets together and a Father gives a lecture and then we divide into smaller groups and talk about how our daily holy hours went. But it was only the first meeting so we just had a longer lecture and no sharing time. To be honest I'm pretty nervous about the whole sharing and I'm not even very sure that I've been doing my holy hour write ups the right way.   

Mon the 27th, I open at work again its pretty uneventful but I get to see Jolene for a tiny bit and we end up making plans to have a bonfire on Friday so I'm excited. :) i get home and work on a hand study i need to do for my life drawing class. I get half of it done and it come out pretty good. (at least thats what I think. hahaha)

Tues the 28th, wow I just noticed that I totally skipped writing about the Tuesday before this and really its because I do nothing but go to classes on Tuesday. I have class at 8:30am-9:45am and then I go to the library from about half an hour to an hour and then George (my brother) and I go and get something to eat. Most of the time its the amazing turkey and avocado sandwich from Togos. And let me tell you it is seriously the best sandwich in the world! hahaha... Anyways then I sit around and read or draw (mostly read) until my next class which doesn't start until 1pm. Then I get out at 3:30ish, sometimes a little earlier or a little later, and then I go home until 6:30pm when I head back to CSUF for my 7pm class which doesn't end until 9:45pm. So those are my Tuesdays, at least for this semester. :)

Wed the 29th, well I went to work with my mom. (she cleans houses) Then we went to Sam's Club to do groceries. Then when I got home I got on my computer and to my surprise AG updated WA and I read ch. 49 instead of finishing my drawing for my life drawing class. Anyways as soon as I finished reading the chapter I worked on my drawing and while I was working on it my aunt and uncle came over with my little cousins (Emmanuel and Niki) and I end up buying some frozen blackberry cobbler and cheese cake for a school fundraiser Emmanuel was doing.

Thurs the 30th, went to my two classes like always. Found out that I didn't miss much from the class I didn't go to because I was sick. But I did miss out on going home a little earlier because of an earthquake. Anyways this time around I was just sitting around while the model had a break when I get a text from my friend Albert asking if I'd be up for going to a midnight showing of X- Men Origins: Wolverine. And of course I was up for it! :) So Grayson, Jim, Albert, and I go to the Garden Walk in Anahiem buy our tickets and then we end up eating at this bar called Louie's Bar, mostly because its the only place still open and serving food. The waitress was really nice and though the music was not the kind I normally listen to I knew some of the songs so I ended up singing along to most of them. Then we went and saw the movie.... sadly it was not all it was hyped up to be. The "special" effects were not very good so I ended up focusing on how much that annoyed me than the actual movie. But from what I did pay attention to it was an alright film.

Fri the 1st, I get up semi early start a load of laundry and take a shower and head out by 11:10 ish to the Goodwill with my youngest sister to buy somethings to make a pirate costume for Grayson's 21st Birthday party. I find a shirt right away but then when I start to look for leather pants to use to make a corset and tricorn hat out of I start to get a little worried 'cause I'm not finding any. Then I head over to the women's skirt racks and I hit the jack-pot. I ended up buying the shirt, 3 leather skirts, and a pair of high heel shoes. The shoes weren't on the list but I really liked them and they fit really well so I couldn't pass them up. Then I spent the rest of the day at home getting things together for one of my art classes and finishing up my laundry. Then at 8:30ish my friend Jolene came and picked me up and we went out to eat. We ended up going to this greek place in Costa Mesa and it was actually pretty good. :) Then we headed over to Best Buy 'cause Jolene needed to buy some gifts for an uncle and her dad. We made it there before it closed and then on our way out John (Jolene's friend from work) was in the parking lot and they started talking and the three of us ended up deciding to go to the beach and get some ice cream. Right when we decide we're gonna take johns awesome Nova he gets a call from his girlfriend and takes forever. While we are waiting for him to get off the phone Ryan (Jolene's BF) and Charlie (another guy from work) come out and Jolene gets them to come along. So we all head to Newport Beach and when Charlie finally gets there we go in to this small place and get out "ice cream." Only one out of the five of us actually got something with ice cream. hahaha... Then we walk out and around the pier talking about random stuff and some work stuff. It got windy but it was pretty comfortable temperature wise. We were all having fun talking about some of the drama going on at work that we kinda lost track of time and didn't leave the beach until almost 2am. I really had a lot of fun just hanging out. Hopefully we get to do the bonfire we had originally planned soon. :)

And finally I've caught up and gotten to today. Nothing too big happened just stayed home organized all my shoes in my closet 'cause they were a complete mess. Listened to some amazing music and copied some lyrics into a note book 'cause they were just that good. I cleaned my part of the kitchen. Went over the lesson plan for the confirmation class I teach at my church. And then when dinner was ready I ended up getting getting sucked into this show about "lonely" animals. Really it was about animals that were going extinct and it was pretty interesting but at the same time kinda sad. Now I'm in my room typing this and its time to wrap it up 'cause I still need to do my holy hour for the day. :)

Until next time! Hopefully it wont take me forever to update again so I can save myself from another epic two week update.

<3 Banana

Friday, April 10, 2009

Wow! So its been 7 months since my last post,
which makes a BIG fail on my part.

I guess a lot has changes since then... lol
My hair for one has only gotten longer and
my goal is to have it reach down to just above my hips.
I'll probably keep it that length for a while
and then chop it off and donate it to locks of love.

As for school I'm at CSUF now and its going pretty good.
I'm taking four classes this semester which is alright,
but I'm a bit overwhelmed and my procrastination is not helping.
I have a four page paper due on Thursday for my CA Cultures class
and then 4 different drawings I have to finish for that same day.
I shouldn't complain though, seeing as I put myself in this spot :)

As for my Twilight "obsession" its as strong as ever ;)
I saw the movie in theaters, and it was alright :)
Can't wait for New Moon to come out,
and with the new director I'm looking for it to be even better.
And this is proving to be true just by the few pre production
shots I've seen of the cast members and their much improved costumes.

Just this past week I was introduced to a fan fic of Twilight
called Wide Awake and it is seriously one of the best things I have read.
Before last week I never even attempted to look into any fan fic
it just didn't appeal to me,
but then I read the first chapter of WA
and it was so different than Twilight that at first I was just like,
What is this? But it pulled me in and I had to know more.
Now I've read all current 47 chapters and am anxiously
awaiting the next update ;)
If you have never heard of WA i definitely think you should
look it up and read it, you will not be disappointed.

Okay, enough about my addictions... lol

So before yesterday I had been really bummed out for like two weeks.
There was just stuff going on that was tough,
but then I get this text from a certain person and we straightened
somethings out and it really just brought my spirits up :)
I know things will probably be different than they were before
but I'm just glad that a really great friendship wasn't lost.
Though before yesterday I had already kind of convinced
myself that if that was the case I would just accept it and
try my hardest to be my old self and not let it bring me too down.
I'm just glad things have for the most part worked out and
I wont still be bummed out for my Birthday tomorrow :)
Though it wont be much of a celebration
seeing as I have a meeting at work at 7:30am-10am
and then I have to go back for a shift from 5pm-9:30pm,
but I'm just glad I have a job and my next paycheck will be over $100.

Well thats all for now :) I hope everyones Good Friday is going well
and that everyone gets to spend some time with their families on Easter :)
(Which kinda ties in with the photo for this post :P )

<3 Banana

Saturday, September 6, 2008


So its been a long while since the last time I posted something on here.
I believe it was actually just before classes ended last Spring....
and now a whole summer has passed and the Fall Semester has started.

Things have been pretty good :D
A lot actually went down this summer.
I went to Comic Con down in SD (it was amazing, and I can't wait for next years!),
I saw Rod Stewart at the Verizon Amphitheater (as a birthday present for my mom, the whole family went),
I finally hung out with Jolene after not seeing her since MY birthday in APRIL!
(its funny 'cause I actually got to see her because it was HER birthday... lol),
I went to see Tom Petty at the Verizon Amphitheater with Jolene (it was my present to her),
I went and saw the Dinosaurs The Live Experience show at the Honda Center... it was AMAZING
(that was my b-day present for Albert... he's a big Jurassic Park fan so it was only fitting).

The last three were all last month and all the week before classes started again. 
So it was like a grand finale for the summer... hahaha

Oh and like a week or so after Comic Con I discovered the Twilight Saga...
and let me tell you, those four books are AMAZING!
They are all pretty lengthy, the next one always passing the previous by like a hundred or so pages,
and they are just so captivating that once you start reading you don't want to put it down until you're done. 
So much so that I was literally going to bed only after reading to the point were it was hard to keep my eyes open anymore,
and then waking up early and just grabbing the book and reading the whole day.
I wouldn't even stop to eat... I would eventually eat only because it was necessary, not because I really wanted to.
It would take me no longer than two days to read each book, 
and for anyone that knows me that is a world record for myself.
I'm not much of a book person and for most books that I do read no matter how good
I'm always able to put it down and go on with my normal activities.

Anyways so now I am anxiously awaiting the release of the movie version of Twilight,
and though I already know there are going to be differences between the movie and the book, due to some trailers I've seen, I still can't wait!
I'm actually in the process of re-reading the books, actually taking my time, and I'm finding out a lot of new things that I seemed to have missed the first time around :) 

So yeah enough about Twilight (even though I could never have enough... hahaha)
I've been accepted to Cal State Fullerton for the Spring and I'm really excited about it :D
In the mean time though I'm taking a couple of classes at SAC, just to keep in the habit and to keep my creativity flowing.
And so far I am very fond of them :D (I know fond is an unusual word choice but I just didn't want to use the word love, that word is thrown around too easily. (the English language is very laking compared to the Spanish language when it comes to that)
Anyways both of my teachers are great and I can tell this is gonna be a fun semester :) 

So this summer was pretty great and the rest of the Fall semester should be pretty great as well, 
but lately I've gotten into a really bad sleeping pattern... and it seems to be getting worse.
I get to bed some what late keeping myself occupied with random things,
and no matter how tiered I am I always wake up an hour or two before I'm supposed to and then its really hard to fall back asleep.
I just roll around in bed trying to fall asleep again not being able to.
Like today I got to bed like at one in the morning, completely exhausted, and woke up at like three thirty (only two and a half hours of sleep).
I got up to use the bathroom and then got back in bed to see how long it would take me to fall asleep again.
To my surprise it didn't take very long, this time, only like ten minutes but then like an hour later I woke up again.
Not wanting to fight with myself rolling around in bed trying to get myself to fall asleep I decided to do this instead.
I think this is the worst its gotten in the week or so since it started.
After labor day though, I got a really bad sunburn and as a way to actually get some sleep I took tylenol and it actually worked!
I would actually sleep until my alarm would go off, but I only did that twice.
I'm not a big fan of taking medication, much less if I don't actually need it (even if it helps my get the sleep I need)
So after that things went back to the way they were, sleep deprivation and all, which brings us back to now. 
Hopefully I start getting better sleep soon 'cause I'm gonna start working at Best Buy this week and I really don't want to be tiered while I'm at work. 
Wish me luck :)

So thats  what I've been up to :D
Hope everyone else had as great a summer as I did,
and hopefully I'll have something interesting to put in here soon :)

- Johanna Banana